May Anticipation


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May is going to be a big month.  It’s the start of summer blockbuster season and the month of some long-awaited releases.  Here’s just a taste of what I’m most looking forward to.

Video Games


The Witcher 3:  Wild Hunt (Releases May 19, 2015)

If I disappear for awhile, at least you’ll know what I’m doing.  This game looks both beautiful and massive and I seriously cannot wait to get my hot little hands on a copy of it.  I have it pre-ordered for the Xbox One but could easily be switching now that I have a PS4.


Splatoon (Releases May 29, 2015)

I’m still on the fence about this one.  It definitely looks like tons of fun and my poor WiiU could definitely use some love.  I will have to check out some reviews before I pick it up, though.



Avengers:  Age of Ultron (Releases May 1, 2015)

This movie just screams SUMMER.  I’m not hard to please when it comes to action flicks and I don’t think this one will disappoint.

Board Games

No definite plans to purchase any new board games in May (haha, I have too many already).  Here are a couple that look interesting to me:


Chew: Cases of the FDA (Expected Release: May 29, 2015)

Based off the comic book of the same, in Chew you play an agent of the FDA whose job is to investigate food related crimes.  Solve cases by recruiting allies, finding clues, and sabotaging your opponents – you have to work quickly before the other players can steal all of your glory.


Cacao (Expected Release: May 20, 2015)

A Tile placement game akin to Carcassonne.  In Cacao, you play as a tribal chief who must lead your people to prosperity through the cultivation and trade of, well, cacao obviously.


Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, Vol. 23: Whispers Into Screams by Robert Kirkman (May 12, 2015)

Collects issues #133-#138.

Lois Lane

Lois Lane: Fallout (Lois Lane #1) by Gwenda Bond (May 1, 2015)

The first book in a new YA series that centers around Lois Lane.  I’m pretty excited about this one.  It’s getting good reviews so far and at least it’s something slightly different for the YA genre.


The Desired Effect

Brandon Flowers – The Desired Effect (May 18, 2015)

This will be the second solo album for The Killers’ front man Brandon Flowers.  I have seen The Killers in concert a few times and they’re always pretty amazing.  I enjoyed Brandon Flower’s first solo album and I will definitely be checking this one out.

Kickstarters I’m Digging


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I realize that I’ve been posting about Kickstarter alot lately.  I can’t help it, there are just a ton of cool, shiny things on there right now.  For the record, I have not backed all of the following projects (because I missed out on the Kickstarter for the machine that allows you to print your own money).  I did, however, want to share them with you.  Click on the links for more info!

Train Heist (Ends 4/14/15) – A Co-op train robbery board game.  Need I say more?

Salem (Ends 4/24/15) – Reminds me of the werewolf party game, except with witches.  This game comes packaged in a faux book case, which is definitely awesome.

Best Treehouse Ever (Ends 4/18/15) – It’s a game about building the swankiest tree house.  Plus I have to give my love to all the Kickstarters from Michigan, where I live.

A Chaotic Life (Ends 4/23/15) – Any game where I can destroy somebody’s hopes and dreams is an instant sell for me.  It’s why I play The Sims.

The Evolution Game (Ends 5/24/15) – Beautiful.  Quite possibly the most beautiful artwork I’ve ever seen in a board game.  Cool concept, too!

The Incredible Science Machine (Ends 4/20/15) – Another local Kickstarter.  Detroit, Michigan baby!  They’re trying to create one of the largest domino chain reactions in history.  Sweet!

Posthuman (Ends 4/25/15) – Post apocalyptic survival board game goodness.

Pixel Glory – Pets Expansion (Ends 4/24/15) – 8-bit card game craziness!

Ira (Ends 5/2/15) – Another Detroit Kickstarter.  It’s described as a “surreal point-and click adventure through a mysterious solar system”.  Double win!

Order of the Throne and Roehm to Ruin (Ends 5/3/15) – Point-and-Clickity

Mixtape Massacre (5/8/15) – A board game where you play as a horror movie archetype and try to take out as many people as possible.  Did I mention that it also takes place in the 1980’s?

Hard Day’s Knight (End 5/14/15) – Questing card/dice game oozing with pop culture references.

Tomo Cold Brew Bike (Ends 4/19/15) – Funding a bike cart that will serve cold brew coffee on tap to the Detroit area.

Red Flags (Ends 4/26/15) – Part game akin to Cards Against Humanity.  In this game, however, you select attributes for potential romantic matches for other players.  Worst date wins!

Surviving:  One Month In (Ends 4/27/15) – Another zombie outbreak board game.  I’m loving the retro look too.

Ill Literary (Ends 5/2/15) – Fill-in-the-Blank card game where you finish partial quotes from great literary thinkers with the not so stellar words of egomaniacal, self-absorbed jackwagons

Bill Shakespeare is Dead (Ends 5/9/15) – Another fill-it-in, this one’s with an Elizabethan era twist.

JunKing (Ends 5/9/15) – Family friendly card game about collecting junk.

Cuisine a la Card (Ends 5/10/15) – Deck-building cook off game

The Titans of Gaming Series (Ends 5/30/15) – Back this Kickstarter and you get 9 games created by “titans” of the board game industry for only $16 apiece over a 3 year span of time.

Intervention Needed…



I work at a library, a dangerous job for a girl who wants to read ALL THE BOOKS.  Needless to say, my queue has gotten a little ridiculous as of late!  The best part is that not only do I check books out from the library where I work, but I also check out books from the library in the city where I live.  I also have a unrealistic expectations of how quickly I read.


Oh yeah, and my movie checkouts are not much better.


I’m pretty sure Groot is judging me behind that serene, adorable smile – and rightfully so.

The Best Thing: March Edition


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I’ve decided to add a new monthly feature to Oh Joy(stick)!  Without further adieu, here’s a roundup of all of my favorite things from the month of March.

Best Thing I Read:


Fables, Vol. 1 by Bill Willingham – I spent most of last month reacquainting myself with various graphic novels and comic books.  Fables was, above and beyond, my favorite.  Honorable Mention:  Chew, Vol. 1 by John Layman.

Best Thing I Played (video game):


Assassin’s Creed II by Ubisoft – I’m glad I purchased Assassin’s Creed II before I played much of the first Assassin’s Creed.  Last month, I finally dusted off my copy of Assassin’s Creed and beat it.  I was , quite possibly, the most tedious games I have ever played.  I moved ahead with Assassin’s Creed II based on the reassurance from a friend that the two games are like night and day.  I’m so glad I did!

Best Thing I Played (tabletop):


Dead of Winter by Plaid Hat Games – One of my favorite new additions to my board game collection.  This game is fun and suspenseful.  Furthermore, I love the added element that the Crossroad cards add to the game.

Kickstarted – Part Three


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The final installment of Kickstarters (for now).

1.  Above and Below (Backed/Funded)

This game is described as being a storytelling/town-building mash up.  I’m in!

2.  Burgle Bros. (Backed/Will Be Funded on 4/4/15)

Describes as Co-operative Heist Board Game.  Sounds perfect!

3.  Play Me: Alice in Wonderdice (Backed/Will Be Funded on 3/29/15)

If it was anything besides Alice in Wonderland, I probably would have skipped it.  But here we are so…

4.  Hero Hourly (Backed/Funding Pending)

What if being a super hero was just another minimum wage job?

5.  Detective Di:  The Silk Rose Murders (Backed/Funding Pending)

I don’t usually back video games.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE video games – video game Kickstarters, however, just strike me as being riskier than other Kickstarters.  Detective Di is a point-and-click adventure game where you are called upon to investigate a series of murders in China during the Tang Dynasty.  Point-and-Click Adventure Games are my ultimate weakness.  I couldn’t resist.

6.  U-Dice (Backed/Funding Pending)


I need this in my life!

Kickstarted – Part Two



Round Two – FIGHT! The second installment in my Kickstarter madness. There will be more to follow, I promise.

1. Floating Market (Backed/Funded)

Another board game Kickstarter for a local developer.  Game looks solid and I can’t wait to play it!

2. Parfum (Backed/Funded)

Ooo la la.  So pretty.

3. Seven7s (Backed/Funded)

Seven7s looks like a great pick up and play game.  I love the theme of it too.

4. Ghostbusters: The Board Game (Backed/Funded)

Yeaaaah.  I was going to wait on this one but I just couldn’t pass up those Kickstarter exclusives.

5. Project Dreamscape (Backed/Funded)

Whimsical is the best description for Project Dreamscape.  I love the art and the gameplay mechanics are truly unique.

6. Blood Rage (Backed/Funded)

What can I say?  I’m a sucker for games with awesome components.

Kickstarted – Part One



There’s some cool stuff going down on Kickstarter right now, especially, if you’re into tabletop games!  Kickstarter is always a risk, however, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with it in the past.  Following is a list of the projects I’ve either backed or have my eye on.  Make sure to check them out if you get the chance.  I realize that most of these campaigns have ended, however, many of the items are still able to be preordered.

Lost Woods (Backed/Funded)

An adventure game that looks like it’s easy to learn and a blast to play.

Trickerion – Legends of Illusion (Backed/Funded)

A Eurogame that centers around magic and becoming the “Master of Illusion”. Looks completely unique and I’m really excited for this one.

Pretense – A Game Night Social Metagame (Backed/Funded)

I am Looking forward to busting this one out at my next game night.

Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge (Backed/Funded)

Gotta love that style!

Exploding Kittens (Backed/Funded)

How could I resist?  Have you seen the adorable artwork?!

Aether Magic (Backed/Cancelled)

Happy Mitten Games is a local and independent board game publisher.  I was disappointed that Aether Magic was not successfully funded but hopefully they’ll give it another go.