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When I was in elementary school my best friend had all of the cool board games – you know, the games your own mom refused to buy you because of all of the parts and pieces that would inevitably get sucked up by and break the vacuum.  We’re talking games like Hungry Hungry Hippos (all those marbles), Mouse Trap, and, of course – the mother of all 3-D board gaming monstrosities – FIREBALL ISLAND.  This meant that while I got to play Fireball Island it was always on the whim of my best friend.  My best friend who lorded that game over me as only an eleven year old can.  Sadly, I never did have my own copy of the game.

As an adult, I started my hunt for Fireball Island.  I even went as far as to contact the original manufacturers of the game to see if they could give me any insight as to how to procure a copy.  Sadly, these efforts yielded zero results.  I mean, I even would have settled for resale, that is, if I was willing to pay an exorbitant price for an incomplete, musty, mildew-stained basement copy of the game.  But what price tag was I really willing to put on mere nostalgia?  Instead the (tiny) adulting gene within me won out and I decided to wait.

Well, my dear friends, that wait is finally over!  Now on Kickstarter you too can snag your very own copy of Fireball Island complete with explorers, treasure, and countless deaths by fiery boulders of doom.  Come on, you know you want it!  And you had better believe that I have already reserved mine.