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I know that I’ve mentioned before that one of my favorite series while growing up was Lone Wolf by Joe Dever.  I even owned the entire collection of books (the ones that were released in America) and they were all in mint condition.

Sadly, I recently discovered that someone has made off with my entire collection of books.  After some initial research of looking to replace my copies, I realized that since the books are out of print, they are also way out of my price range.

This is not a sob story, though!  While searching for replacement copies, I happened to stumble upon Project Aon.  This group is dedicated to preserving the Lone Wolf legacy and offers downloads of the entire Lone Wolf series (complete with the proper permissions).  The best part is that they even have e-book versions of the entire series.  Let me tell you: reading Lone Wolf on a Kindle is AWESOME.  I might even go as far as to say that it’s BETTER than reading a paperback copy since the choose-your-own-adventure style choice prompts are completely interactive.

I realize that this is probably old news to most Lone Wolf fans, but I just wanted to say Kudos to project Aon and to thank them for helping to take the sting out of losing one of my most prized collections.

You can check them out here.