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Please forgive me, I’m a little late with this month’s Best Thing Post!

The Best Thing I Read:

Lock In

Lock In by John Scalzi

After a virus dubbed Haden’s Syndrome sweeps the globe, 1% of the world’s population suffers from lock-in, a condition which renders its victims mentally awake but completely unable to move.  Within the survivors of Haden’s syndrome are a handful of individuals who become intergrators – people who are able to open their minds to a person suffering lock-in, allowing them the use of their body.  At its core, Lock In is a detective novel, however, the futuristic twist makes it a refreshing read.

The Best Thing I Played (video game):

Bloodborne by From Software

I feel kind of like a fraud saying that this is the best thing I played for the month of May.  It’s true that I have played Bloodborne.  It is also true that I have yet to make it to the first boss.  Even still, Bloodborne contains such a rich, fully imagined world that it is difficult not to be completely drawn to it.

The Best Thing I Played (tabletop):

red dragon

Red Dragon Inn

Winner by default, but still a fun game to play with the right group of people.

The Best Thing I Watched:

mad max

Mad Max: Fury Road

Crazy fun and Charlize Theron is such a badass.  Mad Max: Fury Road is equal parts WTF and OMG making it hard not to enjoy this action flick.

theory of everything

The Theory of Everything

I tried to stick to only one movie for my Best of May post, but The Theory of Everything was such a moving movie and Eddie Redmayne completely blew me away – I simply had to include it.