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I realize that I’ve been posting about Kickstarter alot lately.  I can’t help it, there are just a ton of cool, shiny things on there right now.  For the record, I have not backed all of the following projects (because I missed out on the Kickstarter for the machine that allows you to print your own money).  I did, however, want to share them with you.  Click on the links for more info!

Train Heist (Ends 4/14/15) – A Co-op train robbery board game.  Need I say more?

Salem (Ends 4/24/15) – Reminds me of the werewolf party game, except with witches.  This game comes packaged in a faux book case, which is definitely awesome.

Best Treehouse Ever (Ends 4/18/15) – It’s a game about building the swankiest tree house.  Plus I have to give my love to all the Kickstarters from Michigan, where I live.

A Chaotic Life (Ends 4/23/15) – Any game where I can destroy somebody’s hopes and dreams is an instant sell for me.  It’s why I play The Sims.

The Evolution Game (Ends 5/24/15) – Beautiful.  Quite possibly the most beautiful artwork I’ve ever seen in a board game.  Cool concept, too!

The Incredible Science Machine (Ends 4/20/15) – Another local Kickstarter.  Detroit, Michigan baby!  They’re trying to create one of the largest domino chain reactions in history.  Sweet!

Posthuman (Ends 4/25/15) – Post apocalyptic survival board game goodness.

Pixel Glory – Pets Expansion (Ends 4/24/15) – 8-bit card game craziness!

Ira (Ends 5/2/15) – Another Detroit Kickstarter.  It’s described as a “surreal point-and click adventure through a mysterious solar system”.  Double win!

Order of the Throne and Roehm to Ruin (Ends 5/3/15) – Point-and-Clickity

Mixtape Massacre (5/8/15) – A board game where you play as a horror movie archetype and try to take out as many people as possible.  Did I mention that it also takes place in the 1980’s?

Hard Day’s Knight (End 5/14/15) – Questing card/dice game oozing with pop culture references.

Tomo Cold Brew Bike (Ends 4/19/15) – Funding a bike cart that will serve cold brew coffee on tap to the Detroit area.

Red Flags (Ends 4/26/15) – Part game akin to Cards Against Humanity.  In this game, however, you select attributes for potential romantic matches for other players.  Worst date wins!

Surviving:  One Month In (Ends 4/27/15) – Another zombie outbreak board game.  I’m loving the retro look too.

Ill Literary (Ends 5/2/15) – Fill-in-the-Blank card game where you finish partial quotes from great literary thinkers with the not so stellar words of egomaniacal, self-absorbed jackwagons

Bill Shakespeare is Dead (Ends 5/9/15) – Another fill-it-in, this one’s with an Elizabethan era twist.

JunKing (Ends 5/9/15) – Family friendly card game about collecting junk.

Cuisine a la Card (Ends 5/10/15) – Deck-building cook off game

The Titans of Gaming Series (Ends 5/30/15) – Back this Kickstarter and you get 9 games created by “titans” of the board game industry for only $16 apiece over a 3 year span of time.