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I’ve decided to add a new monthly feature to Oh Joy(stick)!  Without further adieu, here’s a roundup of all of my favorite things from the month of March.

Best Thing I Read:


Fables, Vol. 1 by Bill Willingham – I spent most of last month reacquainting myself with various graphic novels and comic books.  Fables was, above and beyond, my favorite.  Honorable Mention:  Chew, Vol. 1 by John Layman.

Best Thing I Played (video game):


Assassin’s Creed II by Ubisoft – I’m glad I purchased Assassin’s Creed II before I played much of the first Assassin’s Creed.  Last month, I finally dusted off my copy of Assassin’s Creed and beat it.  I was , quite possibly, the most tedious games I have ever played.  I moved ahead with Assassin’s Creed II based on the reassurance from a friend that the two games are like night and day.  I’m so glad I did!

Best Thing I Played (tabletop):


Dead of Winter by Plaid Hat Games – One of my favorite new additions to my board game collection.  This game is fun and suspenseful.  Furthermore, I love the added element that the Crossroad cards add to the game.