Round Two – FIGHT! The second installment in my Kickstarter madness. There will be more to follow, I promise.

1. Floating Market (Backed/Funded)

Another board game Kickstarter for a local developer.  Game looks solid and I can’t wait to play it!

2. Parfum (Backed/Funded)

Ooo la la.  So pretty.

3. Seven7s (Backed/Funded)

Seven7s looks like a great pick up and play game.  I love the theme of it too.

4. Ghostbusters: The Board Game (Backed/Funded)

Yeaaaah.  I was going to wait on this one but I just couldn’t pass up those Kickstarter exclusives.

5. Project Dreamscape (Backed/Funded)

Whimsical is the best description for Project Dreamscape.  I love the art and the gameplay mechanics are truly unique.

6. Blood Rage (Backed/Funded)

What can I say?  I’m a sucker for games with awesome components.