I recently acquired a copy of Dead of Winter at my local Books-A-Million. It’s a fantastic game…packaged with a completely useless insert.  Initially, I removed the insert altogether and just separated all the parts into their own, respective plastic baggies.  What a mess!  That is, until I stumbled upon these fantastic plans for a do-it-yourself foamcore insert for Dead of Winter over at The Esoteric Order of Gamers‘ website.  Seriously, the plans couldn’t be easier to follow and I am really happy with my results.  Farewell, plastic baggies!  Hello, organized board gaming goodness!

DoW1DoW2DoW3 DoW4LOOK!  The tokens are even removable for ease of use during gameplay.  If you’re new to using foamcore (like I was), The Esoteric Order of Gamers also has some extremely useful tutorial videos available on YouTube.