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I’ve been shopping!  Currently, I am addicted to all things tabletop and I have added a few games to my ever increasing collection.  I have been out of the board game loop for awhile, however, I was having the urge to purchase games that I have never played before.  Board game lovers know that this is risky.  Modern games aren’t always affordable and some of them can be pretty abysmal.  Luckily, I have a local game shop where I can browse the goods and, of course, internet reviews are always considered.  Following are my new additions.  Hopefully, reviews will be posted soon!

1. Takenoko


I instantly became a fan of Antoine Bauza’s games after I played 7 Wonders.  This past Christmas, my friends gave me a gift card to my local board game shop and I took a chance on Takenoko.  We have already played it a few times and I am very satisfied with my purchase.  Plus, Takenoko is probably the most adorable game in my collection so it wins bonus points based on that (aww, Panda!).

2. Munchkin Apocalypse


Munchkin is one of those games you either love or hate.  My theory is that your feelings towards the game can wildly swing in either direction depending on who you played your first game of Munchkin with.  If you play with people who are too competitive, than you’re going to hate it.  Munchkin is a game that is not meant to be taken seriously, so make sure you find a nice, laid-back group to play with.  I personally love Munchkin and I’m also a fan of apocalyptic stuff so this was a instant add for me.

3. Smash Up


I have never played Smash Up before, however, the concept sounds awesome and it was a relatively inexpensive game.  To play Smash Up, you take the decks of cards from two different factions and try to take over the world with them.  Ninjas and Pirates?  Zombies & Aliens?  Dinosaurs and Wizards?  Who will reign supreme?!

3A. Smash Up: Monster Smash


This expansion CAN be played alone with two players, however, it’s appeal is that it adds four new factions to the base game. Now you can attempt to take over the world with vampires, mad scientists, mutant ants and werewolves!

4. Red Dragon Inn

red dragon

A game about what happens to the adventurers AFTER they’ve raided the dungeons and killed all the monsters.  Just make sure your intake of alcohol doesn’t surpass your fortitude, or you’ll be thrown out of the inn and you so-called cohorts will steal your gold.

5. Coup


This was an impulse buy. At a retail price of only $14.99 and a slew of good reviews, it was hard to pass up. Your goal is to take down the corrupt government using nothing but bluffing and manipulation. Will you be the last one standing?  Or will you get called out for your lies, lose all your influence and get sent into exile?

6. Splendor


Splendor was featured in several lists for top board games of 2014.  You play a merchant during the Renaissance and your goal is to earn the most prestige points.  Your earn the points by buying mines, transportation, shops and by receiving visits from nobles.  Reach 15 prestige points before your opponents do and you win the game.

7. Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge


Gotta love that art work!  I don’t have this amazing little gem in my hands yet, but I did back it on Kickstarter.  Can you use your voodoo skills to influence the hepcats of the 1950’s cocktail culture and to work your way up the swinging jivecat social ladder?  The Kickstarter has officially ended for Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge, however, you can still preorder the game by visiting this page.

8. Exploding Kittens


If you haven’t heard of exploding kittens, then you probably frequent Kickstarter.  This simplistic card game has the honor of being the most backed Kickstarter EVER.  It’s basically Russian Roulette…with exploding kittens.  With 13 days left to reach their goal of $10,000 the creators already have over 130,000 backers and have raised over $5.3 MILLION.  You can still get in on the action here.